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A supernatural thriller series of 5 novels for Young Adults by debut author Kat Coldham

CONTROL- What if you discover that a computer system in the afterlife controls your destiny?

ALT- What if you want to programme an alternate fate?

DELETE- And what if you got caught trying...?


01 Reincarnation

What choice do we really have?

Freya's life sucks. So naturally she is delighted to discover she has escaped it, particularly when she learns she can now choose the details of her next Reincarnation. But, her untimely arrival at The Hub is arousing suspicion. Someone is desperate to cover up their mistake and send her back. And they will stop at nothing to hide the evidence, even if getting caught means they could face the ultimate punishment - deletion.

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book one


02 Rehabilitation

How much does our past define our future?

When Jake is forced to make an impossible decision, the devastating consequences ripple beyond The Hub to the world of the living and the family he left behind. Unable to stand by and watch his brother’s life disintegrate, Jake’s desperate actions appear to only exacerbate the situation. And with loyalties tested and friendships in tatters, there may only be one person who can now help him. But could trusting a past enemy ultimately cost Jake everything?

Price £9.99

book two


03 Retribution

What could you forgive and what should you forget?

With Oakley conveniently out of the way, a new ringleader muscles in, using his newly acquired skills with The Database to offer contractors the dangerous opportunity to extract revenge. As anarchy descends across The Hub, these escalating reprisals ultimately lead to a devastating fatality. But The Management’s strategy to seek help from this unexpected recent arrival will require him to put aside his own feelings. And, in attempting to restore harmony to The Hub, will he have to ultimately sacrifice his friends?

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book three

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About the author

About the author

Kat Coldham writes Young Adult fiction with a supernatural twist.

Growing up in a traditionally Christian household and attending weekly Sunday School, Kat's original belief about life after death was the conventional Heaven and Hell scenario. She enjoyed the story based moral analogies presented in the Bible parables, and her own writing, mostly for school homework, often reflected this concept that not everyone gets to live ‘happily ever after’. Although her enthusiasm for English Literature was encouraged, at this stage it never developed further than often finding its way into the school magazine.

When Kat was in her early teens, a local tragic incident involving the murder of a child of the same age triggered an intense fear of death, that was eventually alleviated by embracing the concept of guardian angels. This sparked an interest in ghosts and spirits, and a book subsequently lent to her by her Grandad launched her lifelong fascination of the ‘unexplained’. Avidly researching various theories including reincarnation, hauntings, past life regression and near-death experiences, Kat’s journey led her towards Spiritualism, and for the next 10 years, before moving to London for her career, she attended the local church several times a week, taking classes in meditation, healing, psychic development and mediumship.

Having attended an extracurricular course at university on death, specifically directed towards bereavement and the concept of a ‘good death’, Kat’s reading now also encompassed the less supernatural aspects of dying, and she was able to utilise this knowledge during her time working with the elderly and their families. She maintains that it is a privilege to sit with someone at the moment of their passing, knowing that you have eased their final moments with soothing words and a gentle touch.

Kat’s relocation to Wales in 2007 with her family enabled her to return to her passion for writing and she published her 1st anthology of short stories – ‘From a Different View’ (2011) which took inspiration from the local landscape and folklore to create some dark tales of hauntings, mythology and death. Her 2nd anthology ‘Breaking the Curse’ (2015) was inspired by the dark moral messages of traditional fairy tales, stripping away the magic and fantasy and preserving only the key themes, emotions and conflicts from the original fables. Her stories received some success – Kat was a runner up in the Writer’s Reign Short Story competition (2011), was included in the Rhys Davis Short Story Anthology (2014), and was long listed in the Word Hut Short Story competition (2015), and this encouraged her to work on ‘Control Alt Delete’ - her debut series of supernatural novels for Young Adults.

Kat Coldham



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